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Memento by Christopher Nola Essay Example For Students

Memento by Christopher Nola Essay In the film Memento by Christopher Nolan, reverse chronology causes the audience to view Leonard Shelby as a sympathetic victim. Viewers start to watch the film when the story has reached its end. This confusing plot puts the audience in Shelbys position. They see things from his point of view. Another thing that causes Leonard to seem like the victim is his condition, which does not let him make new memories. This makes him appear to be vulnerable. Finally, the other mysterious characters such as Natalie and Teddy make Shelby seem like the innocent victim. According to what Leonard wrote in the back of his picture, Teddy cant be trusted. This makes the audience suspicious of him throughout the entire movie. While watching this movie, one must pay close attention. The audience is just as confused and uneasy about what is going on as Shelby is. It is as though viewers also have the condition that Shelby has because of the reverse chronological order this movie follows. The audience, too, must have that same jolt of fear from scene to scene, the recognition that they have no clue where they are or how they got here. Viewers feel sympathy because they start to see things from Leonards perspective. They feel they need to help him find his wifes killer and take each and every one of his little facts into consideration to try and figure out the answer. The audience also sympathizes with Leonard because of his condition. He suffers from a rare form of amnesia, which renders him incapable of retaining memories on a short-term basis. Any bit of information he learns since his injury must be recorded or will be quickly forgotten. As a result, he must use an elaborate system of notes, photographs and even tattoos to keep everything straight. This makes his investigation so much more difficult. One generates sympathy for a man who wants to avenge his wifes death even if he knows he wont remember that he did it. This makes it impossible to absolutely trust anyone. He feels he can only trust himself. The sympathy grows for Leonard as viewers see how vulnerable he is to manipulation. Leonards vulnerability to Teddys greedy manipulations and Natalies terrifying dishonesty further enhances the audiences sympathy for him. The petty criminals who befriend Lenny for their own distasteful purposes make the audience feel sorry for him. The two mysterious, but seemingly helpful people who may or may not be as friendly and helpful to Shelby as they appear, are Teddy and Natalie. These two make Lenny seem like the victim since they take advantage of him. For example, Teddy takes advantage of his condition when he goes along with trying to find John G. He uses this to make Leonard kill Jimmy Grants in order to get the money form a drug deal. Natalie also takes advantage of his condition. She makes Lenny hit her and then makes it seem as though it was Dodd who hit her. She does that because she knows that Dodd will chase after Leonard, getting him off her back. The backward story telling and the constant mystery of who is friend or foe make the audience feel compassionate towards Leonard Shelby. As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that Leonard is actively re-writing his past so that it will conform to his preference for seeing himself as a victim, innocent and virtuous. Since viewers put themselves in Shelbys position and see things through his point of view, they feel sympathy for him. The determination to find his wifes killer makes the audience suspect nothing of him. 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The other characters that manipulate Shelby in this movie make the audience feel sympathy towards him. Every scene casts a different light on Teddy; he is never trusted, but one is never exactly sure why. It may have something to do with the fact that the photo Leonard has of Teddy has the phrase Dont trust his lies written on the back. Also, why is Natalie so willing to help him? Her Polaroid says she will help him out of pity but she also takes advantage of him. Its hard to trust anyone in this movie.

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Netball Essay Example

Netball Essay My sport,being netball,is easy to identify strengths and weaknesses on the court due to the game being in quite a small area compared to games like rugby or football,and also doesnt have too many people on the court (7 players to each team), therefore its not hard to concentrate on all the players. Here,i am evaluating my strengths and weaknesses for certain aspects of my game. I play GA (Goal Attack) in netball,which is one of the most important positions on the court,due to it being an attacking player,it also 1 of the 2 layers that can shoot,so good shooting techniques and attacking is essential. Things like co-ordination,agility,balance,fats reactions,etc is vital when playing this position. Skills/Techniques My strength for this section would be co-ordination. I fell my co- ordination is strong as when i have the ball,i can concentrate on all the players ahead of me and more importantly,can focus on the players that i need to pass to to get the ball into the shooting circle. I can also throw the ball in the right spot for an oncoming player which doesnt waste time. My co-ordination strength would be shooting aswell,as my shooting is mostly perfect,if not i can always get the target,but its the case of perhaps not lifting the ball high enough if i miss. My weakness here would be agility. Even though i feel my agility is reasonably good,there is alot of room for improvement. If i have a good defence against me,it can be harder to change direction quickly as they are sticking by me constantly to prevent me getting the opportunity to shoot. We will write a custom essay sample on Netball specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Netball specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Netball specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In netball,it is vital to be able to move quickly,so this,i need to practice more to nable myself to challenge good defenders more than i do now. A perfect netball model would be incredibly agile and challenge all her opponents without struggle or effort. Strategies/Tactics One of my strengths for this section would be working with my neighbour positions (GS,WA and C). In our team we work well together and can all understand each other. I know when to recieve from the center or wing attack as we all need to ball to be recived by me or the GS to be able to score. I find it easy to get into the right spaces in our attacking third as there is no vercrowding in the attacking third and everyone is working together. I can create moves to confuse the defender whic gives the other attacking players time to get away from their defenders. My weakness would come under the fact that when the ball is coming down the court from our defenders,I sometimes tend to rush into the centre third to bring the ball up to the shooting area. This often causes abit of rushing in the centre third,panicking and confusion. It also prevents the team from getting the ball down to the shooting hird due to an extra player being in the centre third when they should be up in the shooting third. The perfect netball model would be aware of the space she needs to create and only move to the centre third when is absolutly necessary e. g the other attackers cannot get away from their defenders. Fitness Finally,i see fitness as the most important aspect of any physical game. My strength for fitness would be my muscular endurance. I rarely ever feel my muscles getting tired through a game as i have developed muscular trength and endurance over the years and as ive got older its become stronger. My muscles can work for a long period of time i feel,and even towards the end of a game i can use them just as much and they work just as well as in the beginning of a game. The strength of my muscles especially in my legs help me to jump to intercept passes from the opposing side or a rebound off the shooting post. My weakness however would be my cardiovascular fitness. I dont feel know where near as fit as i could be. I think my ardiovascular fitness isnt as good as it used to be due to not doing as much training as i used to. I think it is vital in an all important match,coming towards the end of the game and you need just a couple of goals to win,fitness can change a game. Improving my cardiovascular fitness will help me become a better player by being able to constantly be on my toes and 100% alert,therefore help the game become more fluent. A perfect netball model would have superb fitness as it is essential,and would be able to keep strong throughout the game.

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Effects of Eminem on Rap and Black Culture essays

Effects of Eminem on Rap and Black Culture essays The Effects Of Eminem on Rap and Black Culture The popularity of Marshall Mathers III, a.k.a. Eminem, in todays rap culture is undeniable; with his Marshall Mathers LP selling 1.76 million copies in its first week after release and The Eminem Show selling 285,000 copies on its first day. ( Since his entry into a predominately African-American art form, Eminem has been thrust into the spotlight, and has done more than just live up to expectations, gaining countless loyal fans and even more bitter enemies along the way. Among the enemies is Raymond Benzino Scott, a rapper and co-owner of The Source, the largest Hip-Hop magazine in the country. Recently, Benzino released a song aimed to attack Eminem, entitled Pull Your Skirt Up. The lyrics attacked Eminems race, along with his street credibility and skill as a rapper. Eminem wasted no time answering back, releasing The Sauce, an attack at the magazine and Benzino, in which he states that he did not start the battle, but he will finish it; furthermore Nail in The Coff in, an attack aimed solely at Benzino, takes shots at his age, business practices, and promotion of his nine year old sons rap career. While Benzino insists that his opinion in no way reflects the opinion of the magazine, every issue since the beginning of this feud has included at least one article aimed to attack either Eminem or another artist on his record label, Shady Records. The most recent was aimed at 50 Cent, the newest addition to Shady Records, who currently has the one of the top selling albums in the country. The magazine has also begun to print a comic strip in every issue that illustrates the evil powers that have taken over rap (Eminem, Shady Records, and Dr. Dres Aftermath Record.) And the good forces (black rap artists) are fighting back to take over what is rightfully theirs. The ...

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Environment and Animal Rights - Contrast and Compare

Environment and Animal Rights - Contrast and Compare Updated and Edited by  Michelle A. Rivera,  Animal Rights Expert for  May 16, 2016 The environmental movement and the animal rights movement often have similar goals, but the philosophies are different and sometimes cause the two camps to oppose each other. The Environmental Movement The goal of the environmental movement is protect the environment and use resources in a sustainable manner. Campaigns are based on the big picture - whether a practice can continue without harming the balance of the ecosystem. The environment is important as it affects human health, but the environment is also, in itself, worth protecting. Popular environmental campaigns include protecting the Amazon rainforest from deforestation, protecting endangered species, reducing pollution, and fighting climate change. The Animal Rights Movement The goal of the animal rights movement is for animals to be free of human use and exploitation. Animal rights is based on a recognition that non-human animals are sentient and therefore have their own rights and interests. While some activists work on single issue campaigns such as fur, meat, or circuses; the broader goal is a vegan world where all animal use and exploitation is eliminated. Similarities Between the Environmental and Animal Rights Movements Both movements recognize we must protect the environment. Both oppose unsustainable practices, and both seek to protect wildlife from habitat loss, pollution and climate change. These threats affect not only whole ecosystems but individual animals who will suffer and die if we continue to ignore environmental issues. We also often see environmental and animal rights groups taking the same position on an issue for different reasons. While animal rights groups oppose eating meat because it infringes on the rights of the animals, some environmental groups oppose meat eating because of the environmental devastation of animal agriculture. The Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club has a Biodiversity/Vegetarian Outreach Committee, and calls meat a Hummer on a Plate. Both movements also work to protect endangered animal species. Animal rights activists work to protect spotted owls because they are sentient beings, while environmentalists want to see individual spotted owls protected because the individuals are important for the survival of the species; and that species is important in the web of life. Differences between the Environmental and Animal Rights Movements Most animal rights activists also try to protect the environment, but if there is a conflict between environmental protection and the lives of individual animals, animal rights activists will choose to protect the animals because the animals are sentient and the rights of the individuals cannot be infringed to protect trees or a collective group. Also, environmentalists may not object if an activity kills or threatens individual animals without threatening the species or ecosystem as a whole. For example, some environmentalists do not oppose hunting or may even support hunting if they believe that hunting will not threaten the survival of the species. The rights and interests of individual animals are not a concern to some environmentalists. However, hunting cannot be considered acceptable to animal rights advocates because killing an animal, whether it is for food or trophies, infringes on the rights of the animal. This applies whether or not the species is endangered or threatened. To an animal rights activist, the life of a single animal matters. Similarly, environmentalists often talk about conservation, which is the sustainable use of a resource. Hunters also use the word conservation as a euphemism for hunting. To animal rights advocates, animals should not be considered a resource. This difference in philosophies causes People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to refer to the World Wildlife Fund as the Wicked Wildlife Fund. WWF is not an animal rights group, but works to conserve nature. According to PETA, WWF has demanded more animal testing of genetically modified organisms before they are approved for human consumption. To WWF, the potential threat of GMOs to the environment and to human health outweighs the lives of animals who are used for GMO safety testing. Animal rights advocates believe that we cannot exploit animals in laboratories by conducting GMO testing, or in any other testing, regardless of the possible benefits. According to PETA, WWF also does not oppose the killing of seals for fur, since they do not believe that the practice threatens the survival of the seal population. Wildlife While the deaths of individual animals are not usually considered an environmental issue, environmental groups do sometimes get involved in non-endangered wildlife issues. For example, some environmental groups work to protect all whale species, even though some whale species - such as minke whales and Brydes whales - are not endangered. The protection of large, iconic animals like whales, panda bears and elephants will probably always be championed by some environmental groups regardless of their survival status due to the popularity of these animals, which gives them a high profile.

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British expatriate managers coping with culture shock in the USA Dissertation

British expatriate managers coping with culture shock in the USA - Dissertation Example Various researches show that many of the expatriates who relocate to US to live and work often have mixed views regarding this, relatively, new nation. Many non-Americans, including many expatriates from UK, who relocate to the United States to do business to their bewilderment, find themselves undergoing a severe case of â€Å"corporate culture shock.† This article will examine the various problems and dilemma experienced by the expatriate managers when they relocate to foreign locales, with special focus on the British expatriate managers who generally face a culture shock as they move to live and work in the USA British expatriate managers coping with culture shock in the USA 1 Introduction 1.1 Background history â€Å"I think there’s just some incredible things that we could learn from other people’s cultures†- anonymous US expatriate manager. ... e managers with a bid to expand globally (Mercer Human Resource Consulting, 2001), while almost three-fourth of the expatriates are accompanied by their family members (Dickmann, Doherty, Mills, and Brewster, 2008). Expatriates within multinational companies play a vital role in initiating various foreign ventures and subsidies, and during troubleshooting at these offshore project sites. Globalisation along with economic liberalization that started in the early half of the 20th century made it necessary for many of the business firms to expand their trade and commerce globally, along with establishing an international distinction. In this context Bartol and Martin (1998) tells us that the process of globalization is in reality a strategy for worldwide integration where the chief objective of the various business firms is developing comparably standardized materials with a global address, along consolidating all the operations taking place at the worldwide level. In order to achieve t his goal, the organizations must necessarily send their chosen representatives for the various foreign projects, in order to oversee the work at site locations, and maintain the product and service standards in these foreign countries. Companies that with globalisation, have broadened their scope to create a worldwide presence and name, are often referred to as the multinational companies or MNCs (ibid). The origin of the modern form of multinational companies or MNCs that we see today can be traced back to the post World War II era. Though some companies may have started during the late 19th century, the development actually started from the late 1940s. However, it was only during the early 1980s, that various researchers in the fields of global HR management and expatriation (Evans,

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Compliance of Businesses with the Principles of United Nations Global Essay - 1

Compliance of Businesses with the Principles of United Nations Global Compact - Essay Example Alcoa Inc., being an international organization with 31 headquarters all over the world and working in all the major aspects of its industry (developing technology, performing mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling of aluminum), believes it has enough expertise and experience for making recommendations to the Australasian Local Network. Furthermore, these particular principles are a basis of our Vision & Values statement, which makes us responsible for protecting and promoting â€Å"the health and well-being of the individual and the environment† (Vision & Values 2011). Alcoa Foundation, one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., is an outstanding project of our company, the activities of which are aimed at supporting our host communities worldwide (Alcoa Foundation 2011). The organization works as an independent foundation for addressing both global and local challenges of the communities. These activities are consistent with the vision and mission of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in terms of supporting â€Å"economic and social well-being of people around the world† (OECD 2011), and of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in regards to â€Å"promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights† (ILO 2011). Therefore, on the basis of our experience working towards the outlined above principles, we would like to propose the following recommendations: 1. Design, implement and control the fulfillment of a statement of protecting human rights in all the communities the company operates in (Global Compact Principle One 2011). Benefits & Implications: The company’s vision regarding human rights protection is clearly outlined and, thus, it is easier to develop corresponding structures and policies Communities differ and, therefore, some general and universal principles should be outlined in the statement instead of those to which a particular l ocal community is accustomed. A unified statement, being fulfilled, will not only promote human rights protection within the community but will also help to educated communities on what they should claim from organizations in terms of respecting and supporting people’s rights. Lessons Learnt The statement of protecting human rights of Alcoa Inc. now includes only the points regarding paying employees guaranteed minimum wages and prohibiting slavery (Health 2011), and we are working on improving this aspect. This shortcoming of ours has caused many problems in the past – we have even been blamed for putting corporate interests above the interests of people, governments or the planet. There, however, already exist good examples: the Human Rights Policy Statement of Continental Airlines, for instance, deals with such issues as ethical business conduct, as well as protection of the rights of co-workers and children (Continental Airlines, Inc. 2011).

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Employee Relations Essay Example for Free

Employee Relations Essay In various business organizations, we find that, many employees are neglected and are most often demoralized, not motivated in performing their duties in the particular organisation, thus encouraging a poor employee relations, but in the United Kingdom, many businesses are flourishing, since they have set up an enabled system that tends to come up with factors that makes the firm to get a frequent and significant recognition of its employees, thus enhancing a good employee relations. The factors that are known to be most influential in the shaping of these employee relations in the United Kingdom are as follows: Communication In this case, we find that, most managers come up with a system to re-examine the performance of their employees. This system normally, include a precise communication system that brings an understanding between the employees and the management team, under which, the employees seem to appreciate the principles on which they are assessed thus, encouraging justice and equal opportunities in the organisation. The firms have an established internal coordination system and structure; this is usually a practical cooperation that helps to build stronger relationships among the employees. Thus there is the recognition of each employee’s contributions. In a firm every department has employees with different skills that are required at different roles. Therefore, the managers bring all these skills together, so that the firms objectives are achieved, and therefore, each employee is meant to understand what these objectives are, and how the different skills and functions within the firm are to contribute in achieving the goals of having a better employee relations, therefore they should know why they need to support each others efforts. Motivation The success of an organisation basically, depends on the employees using their full skills and knowledge in their production, therefore, these employees require motivation, and this motivation can be done in different ways and by different things. The employee Motivation in the United Kingdom normally involves, the compensation system which is the activity of giving the employees what they really want most from work, it therefore makes the manager, get his expectations from the employees, this expectations may include; production of quality goods and services. Motivation will enable the employees to have their goals in the organisation achieved; they will have a positive perspective on their position in the organisation. Motivation also creates the influence to change and build employees self-esteem and capacity to work. The managers have the responsibility of motivating workers, when the organizational structure is experiencing changes, and in this case, we find that the manager comes up with a plan that is used to define the environmental factors that brings an atmosphere of integrity, honesty, and confidence to the employees. Under this, the managers’ plan considers the factors that motivate the employees; this involves the determination of the important factors to the employee in his working life, and how they relate to his productivity. He also finds out what motivates the employees in their work, this is a situation where, we find most employees wanting a privileged compensation, an enhanced working environment, and flexible benefits from the amount of work that they do. This is always done by, asking them during the performance assessment, attitude inspection, and is also retrieved from informal discussion on what the employees want most from their jobs. On the other hand, the managers also spot the de-motivating factors of the organisation to the employees; these factors may be physical factors which include buildings or equipment or psychological factors such as monotony, injustice, barriers to promotion and lack of appreciation which normally affects the employee relations in an organisation. Since most workers in the United Kingdom claim to be working for money, and that their extreme benefit is encouragement; under this, money is always regarded to be a low motivator, and that it is only a short time motivator, after a rise is given to the employees salary, so the managers are always aware that benefits given after a particular performance rarely motivate their employees to use their potential effectively, most of the employees say that, the benefits are only used to motivate the new employees in the organisation but not the existing ones. Change Management Poor employee relations is normally said to be a leading factor to a change in an organizations’ performance; therefore most managers have been seen adopting a policy for managing changes within their organizations. In this case, we find that the introduction of this change is always meant to be motivating to the employees, since it is always used as an entry to the firms’ better achievement of its goals. To achieve a positive change in an organisation in the UK, the managers do not tell or instruct the employees, this does not help, but it only creates ignorance to the doubts and expectations of the employees, therefore the management team in an organization carry out discussions, through which the sharing of a particular problem helps in the creation of a better actions in dealing with the issues that are predicted to affect the productivity of the firm, due to the shared ideas and decision making processes derived from the open discussions, the employees are able to realize a change in the organizational performance. Changes in any organisation in the United Kingdom, normally involve learning, where the managers are able to know the learning capabilities of every employee in the organisation. Under this, one finds that his employees are categorized as follows; activists the manager may find that some of his employees like involving themselves in new ideas, problems, or opportunities meaning that, they do not like being impartial, Theorists, this is the category of learners, who are always comfortable with ideas they do not prefer involving themselves deeply without a reason. The other category is that of reflectors; they like taking time to think through things, thus they do not like being forced to move from one thing to another rashly and lastly the pragmatists they normally prefer to be linked between issues and their job description. Therefore, the manager is always in a position to deal with his employees who have different learning preferences and approaches, who may also respond differently to diverse situations affecting the organisation. In this learning process the manager is expected to give feedback, that plays a major role in motivating the employees, thus he should not leave the employees guessing the progress of their accomplishments, therefore, the managers always give adequate and accurate information on the development. Employee Recognition This is another factor that the employers put into consideration for the organisation to improve its employee relations, this is basically a communication instrument, which strengthens and compensates the most significant production that the employees have created for the organisation. The recognition structure is always made simple, instant, and effectively supportive to the employees’ relations and the organisation at large. Under this, the management team ensures that a principle for performance is established, involving the rewardable behaviour of the employees thus all of them are entitled to the recognition by the employer. This recognition supplies the employees with specific information about the behaviour they are being rewarded for. The management therefore, states that any employee who performs at a specified level receives a reward. Basically recognition occurs hand in hand with performance of the employees, thus it reinforces the employees’ encouragement and thus improving the workforce relations. Culture This is another factor that is most influential in the employee relations in an organisation, culture basically means, the environment surrounding an employee at work. In the United Kingdom we find that, culture is meant to shape the relationship of an employee and his work in an organisation. Culture represents an employee’s personality that carries principles, attitude, fundamental interests, knowledge, background, and behaviour that creates a person’s behaviour. Culture is particularly inclined by the organization’s management team due to the roles in decision making and strategic direction they impose in the organisation. We find the managers put in mind that culture is learned, thus employees are capable of learning how to perform, employees value rewards that are not associated with behaviours, since they have different needs, shared rewards from co-workers or have their most important needs met in their departments or project teams.